Nourish The Power of Five

The key principles of nutritional integrity

All of life is Nutrition. The sooner we understand this truth, the more sustainable and grounded lives we can live. With this truth, we can change our perspective on food and clear our path to healthy living.

Integrative Nutrition is not just about the food on our plate, it goes beyond that. It is about Personal Relationships, Career Choice, Spiritual Practice and Physical Activity.

We live in an era that is chasing time. We eat fast foods or pre-prepared meals in order to save time. We consume high amounts of caffeine to boost energy; we take alcohol to forget about the ‘bad day’ or week we’ve had, to ease stress.
We are Love and Nature deficient, as we never have time for self-care.

Health and Happiness doesn’t come from the next ‘quick fix’. This way, we will never catch up. It is like ‘chasing your own tail’.

It is possible to shift these behaviors. We can start slowing down right here, right now. Each of us has the capacity to unlearn destructive habits and begin to live their fullest potential. The more we tap into our bodies, our inner knowing, get connected to our true selves, the sooner we will be able to listen that our bodies need whole, natural foods and holistic approaches that nourish us.

The key principles to Nutritional Integrity are easy and simple to apply in your routine:

1. GRATITUDE – when you have finished preparing your meal, say Thank You to the food you eat. You can even wake up first thing in the morning and think of one thing that you are grateful for the day. The Attitude of Gratitude makes us emotionally stronger.

2. RELAXED AND MINDFULL EATING – Turn off any devices, laptop, cellphones and TV. Eat in silence and pay attention to what are you eating.

3. REDUCE DAILY STRESS – Find a practice that will bring you peace within, that will quiet your mind. You can try simple breathing practice, meditation, mindfulness or yoga.

4. RHYTHM AND RITUAL – create a sacred space between meals; allow your food to be digested properly. Give yourself some time before you eat again. Ask: Am I hungry or am I thirsty? Sometimes thirst can be mistaken for hunger.

5. EAT WHOLE, FRESH, UNPROCESSED FOODS – The benefits are tremendous. When you eat fresh food full of life, you are less moody, less brain fog, more energy, you have stronger hair and nails and stronger, better digestion.

6. FLAVOUR FACTOR – Have fun using more herbs and spices. Not only they improve the taste of many foods, but they are also having antibacterial and anti-viral properties. They are high in B vitamins and trace minerals.

7. EAT MORE DIGESTIVE FRIENDLY FOODS – To maintain your digestive health, I highly recommend that you introduce the use of coconut oil in coconut, kefir, kombucha, miso soup, bone broth and fermented foods. They support the good bacteria in our digestive system, which is the core of our life energy and vitality.

8. CONNECT WITH NATURE – Nature provides one of the most reliable boosts to your mental and physical well being. It helps with stress – relief and it restores your mental health. So don’t be shy, go hug a tree!

Remember to have fun with this and be happy that you are growing and evolving, because that’s what Life is about!

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