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Divine feminine – awaken the goddess within

All beings have aspects of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine within them. All women have a Goddess within.

Today I would like to focus my attention to all the females born in this physical reality who are resisting their divine feminine energy, rather than expressing themselves fully and living their true essence, the same essence that they came with in this life.

This Universe is One Whole and it represents Unity, and this unity is made of two contrasts, the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine, the Ying and Yang, the man and the woman.

The Divine Feminine is the Goddess and the Divine Masculine is the God.
The Divine Feminine energy represents life, renewal, creation, birth, healing, openness, nurturing, love, understanding, compassion, intuition, wisdom, forgiveness, harmony, sensuality and connection.

In these modern times we live in, women are exhausted, overwhelmed, overworked, they play too many roles in life and they also have to compete in their work environment. Sadly, many of us women by doing so, we tend to forget looking after our well-being, we crave deep connection, intimacy and we wish to stop holding ourselves back from living our life purpose, our true essence.

I say, We cant keep on suppressing our spirit for much longer. We have life to live and we are the source of creation in this world; therefore what it means to us women to allow our own divine feminine to flow through us, to express ourselves fully and no longer hold ourselves back?

If we are committed to living a life that makes us happy, then we need to commit to only beliefs and practices that add up or contribute towards our own happiness.

1. Take your time
Take some time to think and reflect what really works for you and what doesn’t. Are you wearing high-hills because you enjoy them or because you associate yourself with that image to define your womanhood?

Do you put on make up every morning before you live the house because you enjoy it, because it makes you feel good, more confident or because in this society it is expected to you to perfect yourself?

2. Be honest to yourself

Look into yourself, as an individual, what serves your personal happiness and what doesn’t. Does the job you are involved with is serving you? Does the relationship you are in is serving you? What feelings does it gives you? Are they contributing towards your evolution.

3. Create

Our femininity is energy of creation, so to tap into that, best way to start is to create art. There are so many forms of art of creation that you can choose from and that resonate with you, be it a painting, music, dancing, acting, whatever rocks your world, there is no limit.

4.Find and Join your tribe

Start collaborating, come together as women for the purpose of expressing and discuss what is it to be a woman? Meditate together, dance together.

5.Celebrate Beauty in your life

Are the things and decorations around you pleasing to you? Maybe its time to do some painting and re-decoration.

How often do you nurture your body? Maybe its time to enjoy a nice warm bubble bath, some essential oils, candles and incents, massage or a reiki session.

6, Explore your own sexuality

It is important that as women we need to be fully aware of our bodies and our sensual and sexual needs in order to know and be able to find pleasure with our partner. So spend some time with your own body, awaken your sensuality.

7. Open up in front of your man

We often complain how men never understand us, how they don’t get us. Well, maybe if we explain to them and allow ourselves to be fully open and authentic in front of them, then they will be able to understand us more. It is part of our divine feminine to accept men, include them in our female world and nurture them.

Whatever kind of success you desire in life, it should be driven by your feminine principles which we all have them deep inside of us.
So it is time that you plug back into your feminine, juicy, sexual power so that you can live your true essence.

It is time to Awaken the Goddess within!

…As we let our own light shine…
…As we are liberated from our own fear…
…As we were born to manifest Beauty…
…We are Women, the Pearls of Love and Wisdom..

Love, Vesna

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