I host a range of detox, beauty, wellness, mindfulness and cleansing retreats throughout the year. They are designed to help women nourish and elevate their body, beauty and consciousness. Every retreat instills the belief that food is as much about pleasure as healing. Through tailored plans, plant based cooking and lifestyle classes we ensure the changes are sustainable, actionable and beneficial.

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Menu design

The path to optimal health is a unique journey from individual to individual. Working with hotels, day spas and foodie events I offer curated programs which include wellness menu design, energy-focused treatments, and cooking classes for you to offer on an a la carte basis.

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Collaborating with you – whether you’re a yogi, fitness expert or a health professional – I develop complementary programs that help your clients develop a deeper understanding about the functionality of food and lifestyle choices that deliver targeted benefits for beauty, energy and health.

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I am not a doctor or dietician. I do not diagnose, treat or cure.
My goal is to educate and empower clients to make informed decisions that best suit their needs and individual situation.

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