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Lemon and ginger – my favourite detox drink!

This Recipe is going to blow your mind.
It is simple, easy, delicious and effective.

As soon as you wake up first thing in the morning, before you eat your breakfast, before you drink or before you do anything, make this drink your priority and watch feeling and looking better in no time.

 Pour a cup of water in a pan and bring it to heat until it reaches warm temperature. Not hot, so its drinkable.

Cut a half piece of lemon and squeeze the juice out of it into the cup.

Peel fresh ginger and grate it. Once its grated, take it in your hand and squeeze the juice out of it into the same cup.

When the water is ready, add to the cup. Mix all ingredients together and drink it.
If it tastes too sour, you can always smooth the taste with a half or one teaspoon of organic honey.

This has been my morning routine for years and I absolutely love the benefits:

LEMONS – help with weight loss and prevent high cholesterol. They are rich in Vitamin C and help with prevention of colds and flu. They might be acidic to taste, but they are very alkaline to our body. And the more alkaline our body is, the healthier we are. They also contain powerful antibacterial properties and they are great stimulant for our liver.

GINGER – it is know to be as one of the healthiest spices on the earth. Its not only great to spice up your recipes, but it has been used for centuries in traditional and alternative medicine. Ginger is very anti-inflammatory so great to be used amongst people with osteoarthritis. It also lowers blood sugar levels and aids digestion.

These two powerful two ingredients, when combined together with warm water and consumed in the morning, they ease bowel movement, they feed the body with antioxidants, ease constipation, remove excess fat and improves your skin quality. The result of all this is looking slim, vibrant and beautiful.

I would strongly advise that you add this to the list of morning routines, every single day for the next 30 days and watch what happens.

For instructions on preparing the drink, please watch the video

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