Are you just going through
the motions of your daily grind ?

Are you eating bad food and for all the wrong reasons, hanging on to unhealthy relationships,
make no time for extra curricular activities, feeling career blocked and struggling to love yourself?

Oh I’ve been there.

2011 was the year I hit rock bottom. I later discovered ‘rock bottom’ was the strongest
foundation for me to start my new journey.

It took some time but I finally found the courage to put an end to my long-term toxic relationship,
leaving behind my house and packing up my life in four suitcases with a one-way ticket to Barcelona.
I was 12 kilos below my normal weight, I smoked, I had no place to live, no job to go to and very
little money to survive the coming months.

Through self-discovery, seeking out my purpose, meditation and mindful nutrition I found the real
me. I’ve learned a lot and yet to this day I continue to learn and still, trip over from time to time.

This is me, Vesna – your straight talking best friend that refuses to settle for that’ll do. I will push
you to walk that extra mile and work with you to find your way home through plant based whole
foods and high-powered natural remedies. With these tools together we craft health from disease,
love from heartbreak, strength from weakness, compassion from shame and confidence from fear.

A new way of living is possible and we do this not in a way where you have to erase your past,
but a way fueled by excitement to help you live better.



Experience backed by world class training

Vesna Gino utilizes holistic and science-backed techniques to making women’s lives less toxic.

She is a certified integrative health professional through her training with the Institute
for Integrative Nutrition and Institute for Nutritional Leadership and also a certified
Reiki healer and Ayurvedic Massage Practitioner.

She is proud to have been trained by some of the world most respected health and wellness
experts including: Joshua Rosenthal, Deepak Chopra, David Katz, Walter Willett, Dr. Andrew
Weil, Gabrielle Bernstein, Mark Hyman, David Wolfe, Marion Nestle, Dr. Christian Northrup,
Dr. Josh Axe, Venus Williams and many more.

She is a coach, consultant and educator to individuals, wellness studios and events,
entrepreneurand creator of wellness programs and radio host of Zest for Life.

I believe ‘wellness’ is never static or to be seen as a destination. Ongoing training,
adaptability, curiosity, and an ingrained passion are my key ingredients to being
relevant in our ever evolving flow of what is well.

For one on one coaching, consulting or event speaking enquiries get in touch with me here.





Don’t compromise yourself, you’re all you’ve got

(Janis Joplin)

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